Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Newly Released Songs You Should Check Out

Three awesome new songs, and one music video, released yesterday, but I didn't have the chance to post them onto the site due to work. So... now I'm doing it now.

The first song is the list is Invent, Animate's new song "Nocturne: Lost Faith." Which is taken from their upcoming new album Everchanger. The band is considered metalcore, and they're from Texas. You can listen to "Nocturne: Lost Faith" here, and you can pre-order Everchanger now: Tragic Hero.

Next on the list is Sunquake's new song "Higher Realm" which features Anthony Hamin from Merge. The song is taken from their upcoming EP Outreach. Sunquake are progressive metalcore, and based out of France. You can listen to "Higher Realm" here.

Third on the list is Selke & DeMaro, Attorney At Law's new track "Swoll City." They're a two-man metalcore band based out of New York, and you can listen to "Swoll City" here.

Last on the list is not a new song, but a new music video. It's a music video from Inhuman Remnant's from their song "Once From The Outer Realm." The song is taken from their 2012 EP release Anathema. The band is considered death metal/grind and are based out of Canberra. You can check out the music video here.

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