Monday, February 2, 2015

Interview with Dawning of the Inferno!

Genre(s): Progressive Deathcore
Location: Vancouver
PSAB: Why was the name "Dawning of the Inferno" chosen for the band?

DOTI: Josh (Vocals) and Jin (Guitar) wanted to come up with a name that was original and really defined the band and that was one of the names they came up with. When Carl (Drums) joined they asked him how they felt about it and they all agreed it was the right choice. It's a bit of a unique name, it's different and that's something we like about it.

PSAB: You released your EP Purification back in early December. What has the feedback been for the EP? Also, what can we expect from you in 2015?

: The feedback for the EP has been better than we could've hoped for, we didn't expect such a positive response towards the EP. When you put so much time and effort into your music it's easy to get tunnel vision and start wondering if things actually sound good, or if anyone is going to like this music besides you. We were really proud of what we had put together but there's always that question of what other people are going to think about it. This was especially big for us since we hadn't released anything in two years and it was quite a stylistic change from our last single, "Awaken". Before the EP was even released we had tons of people telling us how much they loved the teaser video we released and we already had a lengthy 9.5/10 review under our belt. Our EP release show was packed, we got to open for Dark Tranquility and Insomnium the other week, and we've been really lucky to have such a great response from our fans, old and new.

2015 is going to be a big year for us. We've got a music video, playthrough video and a summer tour in the works right now. This is our first tour and our first time playing outside of our province, so we're really looking forward to going across the country and starting to develop a following and a name for ourselves. We're looking forward to playing for and meeting our fans across the country and hopefully making some new ones on the way.

PSAB: If you could do a split album with one other band, which band would that be and why?

Josh (Vocals): If we could do a split with one band I'd love to go with Thy Art Is Murder. I feel our styles could blend into something crushing.

Jin (Guitar): I'd have to say Slice the Cake, they are super original and epic.

Connor (Guitar): That's a tough one. Probably a band that's still generally deathcore but a contrasting deathcore style to ours like Lorna Shore, Molotov Solution, or Abaddon.

Brinley (Bass): I'd have to go with Chamber of Malice, I've been a big fan of everything they've put out.

Carl (Drums): If we could do a split with any band I'd have to say Traitors, they're just the most crushing band around right now.

PSAB: How's the local scene in Vancouver?

The metal scene here is fantastic. We've got solid scenes in all types of metal too, not just deathcore but metalcore, death metal, progressive metal and even some black metal too. Every city has issues sustaining a music scene from time to time but right now we've got a ton of great bands and venues. Being as big as it is, Vancouver has a lot of major metal acts come through here too so I think that seeing bands we look up to helps keep us motivated and always wanting to be better. Between us and our friends in AngelMaker and Abaddon, we're doing our best to make sure the Vancouver deathcore scene is alive and well.

PSAB: What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Josh (Vocals): Hard to pick my favorites, but bands I'm heavily influenced by are Thy Art Is Murder , Oceano, Suffokate, After the Burial and Aversions Crown. I listen to all types of music for different influences, but those are some of my favorites for metal.

Jin (Guitar): There's way too many. Some of the ones I can think of right now are Thy Art Is Murder, Chelsea Grin, Slice the Cake, The Contortionist, Aversions Crown, Deafheaven, Empire's Fall, Auras, Polyphia and Erra in no particular order. I like some indie and post rock as well, like Gregory and the Hawk, Now Now, The Milk Carton Kids, Tycho and Tides From Nebula.

Connor (Guitar): Man, it would be tough to decide favorites, but some of the bands I've been really into lately would be Thy Art Is Murder, Archsire, Xenobiotic, The HAARP Machine, Time Has Come and Emperor. I like all kinds of metal and even lots of pop, punk and jazz so I tend to jump around a lot, but I've been mostly into technical metal bands lately.

Brinley (Bass): This is a tough one. It's always changing but lately I've been listening to a lot of Acranius, Chamber Of Malice, Spite and Villains. Defeater and Whitechapel will always be a couple of my all time favorites also.

Carl (Drums): Lately I've been listening to a lot of Chelsea Grin, Extermination Dismemberment, Carnifex, and Acranius. I've also been really into rap these days and I've been really into Danny Brown, Aesop Rock, Sadistik, and Run the Jewels.

PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

A huge thank you to Curtis Buckoll at Rain City Recorders for his immeasurable hard work on "Purification", and thank you to everyone who took the time to support us.

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