Monday, June 9, 2014

New Music Videos/Music (I Forgot To Write About Yesterday)

The downfall of running this type of website by yourself is that things come up, which restrict me from covering things that happen within the metal scene. A lot of new videos/music released two days ago (June 7), and yesterday, that I didn't have the chance to write about. So! I'm going to cover them here.

Widek: Progressive metal/djent band, Widek, released a new play through yesterday in collaboration with another progressive metal act, Sithu Aye. You can check out the play through here: Widek - Saturn (Feat. Sithu Aye)

Meat My Mum: Germany based deathcore band, Meat My Mum, released a new music video via Total Deathcore for their new song "Cold Hearted." The song is taken from the band's upcoming album Meat My Mum, which is set to release sometime this year (or early 2015). You can view the new music video/song here: Meat My Mum - Cold Hearted

In Arkadia: Hailing from France, deathcore band In Arkadia, released a new music video for their song "Pride As A Knife" through BlankTV. You can purchase the band's album Eyes Of The Archetype here: Eyes Of The Archetype, and/or you can check out their new music video here: In Arkadia - Pride As A Knife

Exotopia: Instrumental progressive metal band, Exotopia, released a new drum play through for their song "Image of Imperfection." The song is taken from their album The Ascension, which can be purchased here: The Ascension, and/or you can view the play through here: Exotopia - Image of Imperfection

And that about covers what I know I missed in the last two days. I'm sure I missed some other noteworthy news. Check out all the videos listed above, so good music to be heard!

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