Friday, July 18, 2014

Music Videos That Came Out Yesterday, That You Should Check Out Today; Chelsea Grin, King of Asgard, And Lorelei

Three awesome music videos, two of which are new songs, came out yesterday around the time of my working hours. Unfortunately, I didn't get to chance to post about them because of that. So! I'll be doing that now. First up is Chelsea Grin's music video for their song "Clockwork" from their newest release Ashes To Ashes.

Next up on the list is King of Asgard. They released a music video to a new song titled "The Runes of Hel." The song is taken from their upcoming new album Karg. The album was announced yesterday as well, through Metal Blade Record's Facebook page.

Last, but certainly not fucking least, on the list is Lorelei's music video for their new song "Sanguine." This is the band's first song with their new vocalist, Mark De Gruchy. This is the first new material of music from their band since their album release Lore of Lies (which is an awesome album). 

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