Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview with Flesh of the Earth!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Melbourne, Australia

PSAB: Why was "Flesh of the Earth" chosen for your band name?

FOTE: Latham [Our vocalist/lyricist] came up with the name Flesh of the Earth as a song title first. He’d done of a lot of writing prior to Nature's Reign and the term Flesh of the Earth was something He always liked, and it certainly fit our lyrical theme, so we decided to use it.

PSAB: You haven't released an album since "Nature's Reign" which came out in 2013. When can we expect a new album or EP from you?

FOTE: We do plan on making another E.P. It's hard to say when It will be out as the main limiting factor is money. Nature's Reign was received better than we could have hoped, making us even more excited to create a follow up. The writing for the second EP is nearing completion, and we'd like to start recording as soon as possible.

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of creating music?

FOTE: Playing video games, table top and card games has always been our biggest enjoyments outside of music. We also love stuff like Marvel, Star Wars a shitload. All of us that are currently studying full time are really enjoying our respective fields (Writing, Animal technology and Physics). Obviously there are other more individual things that only one of us like (at least significantly more so than the others), Like car modifications and basketball and stuff like that.

PSAB: What's the local scene like in your area?

FOTE: While our local scene might seem weak compared to an American or European scene, everyone now and we get to play with some amazing local bands you could not find anywhere but here. It's the people that make the scene down here.

PSAB: What are some of the bands you listened to growing up? Do those bands play an influence on your music?

FOTE: We all had somewhat similar tastes in music as we were growing up, predominantly classic rock/metal bands that our parents listened to, for example Lost Horizon, Rhapsody, Metallica, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, AC/DC, Queen, Meatloaf, Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil, van Halen, plus a ton more. We all still love these bands and still listen to them to this day, but we also listen to a much more diverse array of genres now obviously including a heap more extreme metal, along with some other less predictable stuff like rap and electronic. Although we love the bands we grew up on, we don’t draw a lot of influence from them, relative to how much we draw from the bands that we more recently are in to.

PSAB: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

FOTE: Yes, first and foremost Ovid’s Withering are the best band ever. Check them out if you haven’t already. We also love and highly recommend Voyager from Perth here in Australia, amazing band. And a big thanks to our friends, fans and family for making this so much fun, we’d struggle to do it without them. individually to our friend Milli Ransom of Pearl Magazine, she is doing amazing work for the local scene and Shaunda 'Skitty' Burkhalter for being awesome over in America. Also, big thanks to you PSAB!

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