Friday, October 17, 2014

New Music That Released Yesterday And Today!

A fair amount of new music released between yesterday and today, and instead of giving individual song its respective post, I will post them all together here. Check out each one if you have the chance, because they're all great.

Deceptionist, a progressive deathcore band, released a new song "Sentient" yesterday. You can check it out on YouTube right now!

Beyond The Aftermath, a deathcore band, released a teaser to an upcoming song titled "DEAD" yesterday. You can listen to the preview on YouTube now!

Popular metalcore band, Unearth, released a new song earlier today titled "Guards of Contagion." You can listen to that on Soundcloud!

Last but not least is Hideous Divinity, a technical death metal band from Rome. They released a new song "Cobra" yesterday, and you can listen to it on YouTube now!


And there's more! Animal, a down tempo band signed to We Are Triumphant, released a new song titled "Dark Room" earlier today. You can check it via YouTube!

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