Thursday, November 20, 2014

Northlane Releases New Song "Rot"

Progressive metalcore band, Northlane, released a new song earlier today titled "Rot." Along with the release of this song, they announced their new vocalist will be Marcus Bridge (via Facebook), which will be filling the empty spot left when Adrian Fitipaldes quit the band. 

There is a lot of hate surrounding the new direction Northlane is going, and most of the blame is put onto Marcus. It is possible that this song is the "bad song" from the unannounced new album they'll release in the future. So count out Northlane yet. Anyway, I think this song is okay but not as enjoyable as any songs from Discoveries or Singularity

Also, I don't think the blame should entirely be put onto Marcus either, because it is possible that the band was moving towards this new sound regardless if Adrian was in the band or not. It could have been bad timing for Marcus to join at the same time they wanted to go in a new musical direction.

But! You can judge for yourself by listening to the song below!

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