Sunday, December 28, 2014

Interview with Arreat Summit!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Motala/Linköping/Gävle

PSAB: Where does the band name "Arreat Summit" come from? 

AS: It comes from a zone in the computer game "Diablo II, Lord of destruction". Most of us are into computer games and we just thought it had a nice ring to it. Barbarians rule!
PSAB: You released a music video for your song "Horror Below" about a week ago. How was the experience making and filming the video? 

AS: So we drove out to some abandoned ruins by the side of the highway in subzero temperature. The environment, temperature and darkness gave it a creepy dark look. It was cold as a motherfucker but we all fought through it and finished recording after a few hours. We like the concept of DIY (do it yourself) so with the help of Katrin “Wanny” Berndt we managed to pull if off without any previous experience of music videos. We are stoked to record another video soon! 
PSAB: If you were given the chance to tour any country. Which country would that be? 

AS: We're all in love with the US. Regarding both culture and metal scene. Many of our favorite bands tour there each album cycle so it would be a dream to come with as an opening act. Another country that would be cool to tour is Germany, who seams to have the healthiest heavy metal scene in Europe and our music will probably fit right in. 
PSAB: If you were given unlimited funds to improve your local metal scene, how would you go about it? 

AS: First of we'd fund the local venues, so they can afford to pay the bands performing. The biggest problem being in a band and wanting to travel to a show is the gas/food/gage-price. Even if it's not much, it's difficult not ending up spending a lot of money for each show. The scene in Sweden is kind of weak at the moment, where bands compete against each other and people are not willing to go out to shows, even if they are for free. This might be because the metal (and music scene) in Sweden is oversaturated with good bands. Another idea that might work is to have a good website that can give some good publicity for all the gigs. You got some unlimited funds coming our way? Paypal us plz
PSAB: What are your hobbies, outside of music? 

AS: Computer- or console games including World of Warcraft, Dota2, Counterstrike, Hearthstone Gears Of War etc. Some of us try to go to the gym regularly in order to not suffer the consequences of our frequent visits to Burger King and other fast food restaurants. Sonny has another band called “Placing The Blame” and Matthias has “Deviant Breed”. 
PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers out there? 

AS: Check out our different pages for music, shows, merch etc: and CD at
Big thanks to our label and
to Katrin Berndt for being our sixth member
Check out our video and stay brutal!

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