Thursday, December 18, 2014

Interview with Nemesis!

Genre(s): Deathcore

PSAB: Why did you choose the name "Nemesis" for your band?

Nemesis: I don't know about you but I'm admitting I have a vaping problem, blegh. It's a mech mod.

PSAB: You released a small teaser to upcoming new music. When can expect the full thing?

Nemesis: Spring 2015 we're expecting to have an EP up for download.

PSAB: If you could tour any country in the world, which country would that be?

Nemesis: Europe or Canada would be cool.

PSAB: What's the metal scene like in your area?

Nemesis: Not what it once was. Hopefully it'll be revived soon.

PSAB: What do you do outside of making music? What are your hobbies?

Nemesis: We vape A LOT and also grown ass man shit.

PSAB: Any shout outs to give to the readers?

Nemesis: Yeah, what's up and check this out. We think you'll dig it.

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