Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Interview with Ritual Kannabis!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Puerto Rico
PSAB: Why was the name "Ritual Kannabis" chosen for your band? Were there any other names you considered?

Wesley: the name came out of the band's begginings back in 2008 were the founding members Wesley, German, Frankie and Orlando got together in a local studio jammed and had a great time. There were some other names going around but none of them stuck with us as much as Ritual Kannabis did, the name represented our beliefs as well as our sense of humor about life 
PSAB: What are your plans for the upcoming year?

Enrique J: The plans for the upcoming year are to release our first full lenght album "The Truth" which is nearly done, play as many shows possible, we've also been working the past few months on new music so obviously that is gonna carry on in 2015. We've also been laying low due to the untimely death of our lead guitar player Christian this past October, so we have been dealing with that loss before we make any decisions on who will be playing with us

Wesley: We've been talking to people that are interested in playing guitar in Ritual Kannabis so by next year we'll have someone joining our ranks. We are also aiming to internationalize our music with our upcoming album.
PSAB: What's the local metal scene like in Puerto Rico?

Enrique J: I for one consider it to be very varied there's your black metal,death,thrash hardcore,punk,doom, heavy metal,power basically there's something for everyone. Lately there's been somewhat of a resurgence in our scene many new bands coming up and the local scene seems to be kinda growing actually and its obviously a good thing. This past week a documentary was released about the birth of the metal scene in Puerto Rico called The Distorted Island. Recently there has been more support from the clubs and venues to let  the bands promote their music and sell their merch which obviously helps greatly.

Wesley: In my opinion the local scene is now stronger and more united than it ever was in the past, there are always their discrepancies but it is really more united. And with the documentary The Distorted Island coming out this past week and the many bands that have come to the island these past years thanks to the efforts of the local promoters wich include Karl Music Group, Vengeance Music, PowerMusic Entertainment,The Shownet Group, Thrash corner Records, Bloodstained World Entertainment. This year a group effort from the local scene and its many bands headed by Rafael Bracero from Khaosmaster released a compilation that we were also a part of named Puerto Rico Metal Alliance in it is an exclusive track by our band.

PSAB: If you could have any musician featured on one of your songs, which musician would that be?

Wesley:Locally i really would like to make a featuring with Mickey from local band Protocols, it would be sick we both having very different vocal styles would make an interesting duo, internationally i would love a featuring with Eddie Hermida former All Shall Perish vocalist.

Enrique J: I would love to have Ramon Ortiz from Puya to lend his talent to one of our tracks but that's wishful thinking, in a more grounded choice i think Fernando who's from Attchment & Deranger would be insane he has a very distinct sound and has very trippy style that would make a really good contrast.

PSAB: If you could bring back any band, which band would you choose?

Enrique J: PANTERA bar none, they are a huge influence to me the heavyness of Dimebag's riffs, his grooves and his leads, the tightness between Rex and Vinnie Paul EPIC!!!!! Phil vocals spewing those lyrics with that intensity which all felt true and  I could actually relate to what he was saying and the message he tried to get across.  
Wesley:Death would be my only choice period, Chuck was a musician who was way ahead of his time who also died way too soon, he inspired me greatly and i think he had so much more to offer to metal, i would do anything to hear a new Death album.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give?

RK: Shout outs go to!

Zafakon, Agyle, Tavu, Protocols, Los Brothers, Vessels For A Dream, Severe Mutilation, Organic, Dementium, Deranger, Outbreak Hate, Bajo Presion, Los Gallos, Attachment, The Mirage Theory, The Calm Before The Massacre, Convalesce, Humanist, Omnifariam, Cold Times, Pit Fight Demolition Machete, Dantesco, Alas Negras, Sin Verguenza, Las Cargas, Sepulchral, St. Vulturesoul all of these are local acts check them out! And of course all of those that have supported and helped us get to where we are!!!!!!

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