Monday, March 31, 2014

Point Below Zero calls it a day

Earlier today, progressive deathcore act, Point Below Zero, announced via their Facebook page that they were calling it quits. It is sad to see, especially to a talented and overall awesome band. They were one of the really good bands that were not too well known, but eventually down the line would have become well known. Alas, this happens often but it always sucks when it does.

This is the official announcement from their page,

"For anyone who missed it earlier. 

This seems to be happening every second day recently, but alas, it is time we announce that we are calling it a day. Point Below Zero has been a focus of my life for the last 7 years or so and has meant a great deal to me. Over the 7 years we were able to release our self titled EP and a bunch of singles whilst managing to play with almost every one of our favourite Australian bands so for this I am proud. 

At this time we are all heading in different directions and it is too much of a struggle to keep hustling to make things happen for this band but we will always love each and every one of you who has enjoyed our music or supported us in one way or another. A big thank you goes to all the bands we’ve had the joy of playing with and all the people who’ve been a part of PBZ at one stage or another. The music we had written for our debut album will see the light of day eventually, so keep an eye on this page for where that music will appear. THANKFULLY, we will be playing a LAST SHOW with the amazing King Parrot, so come on down to blacktown masonic center on May 11 for one last party! - BJ"

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