Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dealey Plaza releases cover of KoRn's song "Falling Away From Me"

Yesterday, deathcore band Dealey Plaza releases a cover of KoRn's very well known song "Falling Away From Me." This song was released in conjunction with their announcement of being signed to We Are Triumphant. The cover is receiving a lot of mixed views. It was posted on our Facebook page upon release and some of the comments are as follows,

" I really hate it when death metal/deathcore bands cover korn songs. These songs were not meant to be screamed the way that he does it. Jonathan Davis has a unique brand of vocals that fit korn's music perfectly. Any cover of korn songs (by bands like this) seems very unsatisfying"

"I usually prefer covers than the original but this is just horrible...The first I will say the original is better"

And among the negative comments, only one positive one stands with this,

Damn good cover"

So! What do you think of the cover or bands covering already well established songs?

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