Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volumes teases fans with photo and Facebook status update

Fans of Volumes have been waiting a long time for new material from the band, ever since they released the pre-production song "Vahle" back in 2013 (about seven months ago). The band has continued to push the date back on their unnamed album, it was originally to release in winter of 2014, then pushed to spring, and now it is rumored to drop June 17, 2014. Anyway, I know fans and myself want something solid to go off of.

Today, Volumes posted that photo listed above with the Facebook status, "#VTEAM #420" which leads us to believe that they plan on announcing something new on Easter day. This could be a release date, new single, or a tour (don't care much for the latter). So, what do you think it is? I think any news is good news if it is in relation to the new album.

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