Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jerry Grannan, guitarist/composer, leaves Aegaeon

One of the original members of Aegaeon, Jerry Grannan, announced today via the band's Facebook page, that he is leaving the band. Jerry was one of the band's guitarists, and also the composer for the band. This is not the first time in the past few years members have left Aegaeon, the most notable one is when former vocalist Jim Martin left the band in 2012. Jim was replaced by current vocalist, Julian Kersey. Here is Jerry's official announcement,

"Hello everyone, it's Jerry. I have some things to express to you. I've been playing a role as a member of this band since we started as a group of high school friends trying to make the most of our love for music. Looking back to 2009, I could have never imagined the things I'd get to be a part of because of Aegaeon. I met a lot of incredible humans on my journey, and I will always be more grateful for that than anything else. There is something special about being in a band...I will always look back on this time in my life and smile. But for me, it is time to look back. My journey as a piece of Aegaeon comes to an end today. Never stop supporting these incredibly talented and fantastic individuals...They're more determined to succeed than anyone I've ever met and they deserve the world. Later on guys... 


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