Sunday, May 25, 2014

End of Fall - Contempt [REVIEW]

Genre(s): Melodic Metalcore

End of Fall is a melodic metalcore band that hails from Germany. They have released two albums thus far in their musical career. An EP titled Shadowed Leaves that was released back in 2012, and Contempt that was released in May of 2014. I will be reviewing the band's sophomore album, Contempt. It is the band's first full length album, with 10 songs and about 40 minutes worth of listening materials. 

Each song varies in length, two of the songs,"Contempt" and "Second Choice" are the longest on the album. The problem with lengthy songs is that they sometimes become boring and/or repetitive. "Contempt" breaks that stereotype, as the band provides a lot of variety throughout the song, mixing chugging metalcore, guitar melodies, and small breaks here and there throughout the song. The other lengthy song, "Second Choice" is different than "Contempt" as the song is a lot more melodic, has more calm sounding parts, and has good transitions between different parts of the song.

The heavier songs on the album are "Lie For Your Life," "Marionette Circus," "Heroine," and "Death Comes As A Release." On that note, the vocals in "Death Comes As A Release" remind me of Anders Friden's (vocalist of In Flames) vocals quite a bit. Moreover, it is my favorite song from this album. This is because it has solid melodic instrumentals, the vocals have a good amount of variety, and the synth is well placed and not overused.

This review only gives you a small taste of the album brings to the table. End of Fall provides some solid sounding melodic metalcore to their listeners. Bottom line, Contempt is an okay album. There are a lot of good elements in the album, but nothing that makes it stand out, or give me the, "Holy shit" kind of reaction to any of the songs. However! If you're into melodic metalcore, you'll definitely enjoy this, so check it out through the band's website!

Score: 3/5

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