Saturday, May 17, 2014

Former Vocalist of Infant Annihilator, Dan Watson, Announces New Project

Former vocalist of Infant Annihilator, Dan Watson, announces his new project named Enterprise Earth. This is the first music Dan Watson has been apart out since Infant Annihilator, this is excluding the tracks he's been featured on with other bands and his vocal covers. According to the band's Facebook page, they describe themselves as, "Enterprise Earth is a deathcore band. Their sound is atmospheric and dark, with heavy chugs and eerie leads. We are ENTERPRISE EARTH." 

Anyway, they released this teaser yesterday to upcoming single titled "Masquerade of Angels." As of this writing, there is no release date to when the full song will make its debut.

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  1. Dan Watson vocals
    Ryan Folden (Lacuna Coil.. ex The Agony Scene) drums
    Bj Sampson (guitar) just engineered and produced I Declare War's new album We Are Violent People by nature and played in a band with Mike Milford (president of Artery Recordings) called We Are Devastation. Monster line up!