Monday, May 12, 2014

Interview with Exile The Traitor!

Genre(s): Melodic Death Metal
Location: Glasgow, Sweden

PSAB: Where did the band name “Exile The Traitor” come from exactly?

ETT: The name Exile The Traitor came from a brainstorming session we had. We wanted something that wasnt too graphic or gory so it wouldn't give away what genre we were. Getting lumped in as a Brutal DM band is basically what we tried to avoid

PSAB: When can we expect new material from you? Sometime later this year?

ETT: We are currently in the process of writing new material for a mini album which will be out later this year. Adding some new elements into our sound so we are excited to let our fans hear it.

PSAB: You're currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?

ETT: Metal Blade or Century Media would be the ideal label for us. They are constantly putting out amazing records and they seem to promote their bands really well.

PSAB: What is the local metal scene like in Glasgow?

ETT: The metal scene in Glasgow or even Scotland as a whole is amazing. Some insanely talented bands. Should check out Maelstrom, Co-Exist, Man Made Origin, Kill The Hydra, Scordatura, Party Cannon, Hand Of Horus, Excellent Cadaver & Blood Thread. The list could go on really.

PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

ETT: The main influence on our music is probably our attitude towards it. We write music that we like to listen to and thats never going to change. We started with an idea to be fast & heavy but to write actual memorable songs with melody & groove rather than just a brutal death metal band where everything sounds the same

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans?

ETT: We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, everyone who has come to a show or grabbed a tshirt & to the awesome folk who have put us on their show. We appreciate it.

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