Monday, May 12, 2014

Make Them Suffer Releases New Song (And Video) "Let Me In"

Deathcore band, Make Them Suffer, released a new song and music video for the song titled "Let Me In." For those who have been listening to Make Them Suffer since their previous release Neverbloom, you can tell they have changed their sound quite a bit. They were symphonic deathcore, but now it seems they are more progressive and melodic mixed with deathcore. I can't say this song is bad, because it's not. But, it does make the band sound like a lot of other bands out there within the same genre. This makes them not stand out as much as they did before.

I'm assuming this song is taken from an upcoming album, so I can't say the album will be less than Neverbloom based on one song. Anyway, check out Make Them Suffer's new song!

1 comment:

  1. I have actually listened to them even before Neverbloom man, there's more you know and they changed their sound from their EP to Neverbloom but they keep that fucking utter sad touch which is good and even when you're right about how this song sounds compared to the rest let's hope for the best with this new album.