Sunday, June 29, 2014

Obscenium Recruits New Vocalist, Jamie Kay

Technical death metal band, Obscenium, announced earlier today that they have recruited a new vocalist. The new vocalist's name is Jamie Kay. Jamie is (or was) from another band called Inanimacy. The band announced this information via their Facebook page,

"Obscenium are beyond proud to announce our newest member and official full-time vocalist Jamie Kay to the family.  
Jamie is highly regarded for his work with Inanimacy, both locally and internationally, and brings both skill and experience to the table yet untapped, pushing us to be better than ever before.  
Our first show with Jamie will be at Æthereal ManiFEST (event link below) alongside many of Perth's finest acts.
  Photos by Joseph Varley of DarKSpiritPhotography; Awesome work as always!  
- Obscenium"

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