Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interview with Faithful Synthesis!

Genre(s): Metalcore/Deathcore
Location: Joliette/Montreal

PSAB: Why did you choose the name "Faithful Synthesis" for your band?

FS: In an abstract way, we chose this name to refer to an egocentric predicament; the fact of not being able to change one’s mind when shown evidence or not being able to understand others perspectives. To fail to perceive other view points and also to be solipsistic.

PSAB: You recently released a new single called, "Vortex of Zilich." How was the feedback for that single?

FS: So far, the feedback was great, many of our long-time fans and close friends loved it, the feedback was way more positive than the first single we recorded in October 2013 “Manipulate Through Sanctity”.

PSAB: If you had the chance to share the stage with any band, which band would that be?

FS: I personally (Shafi) would love to share stages with Wintersun because they are one of my favorite bands, Periphery would be another one who is impressive, but the band with which I would like to share the stage the most would be Emmure because 00-0-00-0-0s make me horny.

PSAB: How is the local metal scene in Joliette/Montreal?

FS: The local metal scene in Montréal is quite various with many subgenres if I’m not wrong; many people come to local shows and support bands. For Joliette city, it’s a bit more Deathcore/Metalcore for the most part I suppose.

PSAB: What plays the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

FS: What influences me lyrically (Shafi) is Philosophy and Science, the love for wisdom and human reason. I remain in awe in front of evolutionary biology and zoology as well as psychology. The only thing I (Félix) can say about the instrumental parts is that we're writing music without basing ourselves on other bands or genre, we're writing and playing what sounds good to us. We don’t limit ourselves to labels

PSAB: Have anything to say to the readers out there, and your fans?

FS: We would like to thank everyone who supported us with this musical project from the beginning, fans and close friends. We are now working on new songs and looking forward to compose more conceptual material and better thought lyrics for more meaningful semantic content.

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