Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with Decimated Humans!

Genre(s): Slam Death Metal
Location: United States/Australia

PSAB: Why did you choose the name "Decimated Humans" for your band?

DH: The name has a little bit of a story behind it. I'll assume you want the detailed version, well basically it all roots back to middle school. I had a trio of friends, John, Adam and myself. We were all sick fucks in the sense that we were desensitized by playing incredibly violent video games back then such as Doom 3 for Xbox and stuff like that and we found violent things to be funny. Just typical 12 year olds nowadays I guess. I remember once during our period together in school, we were passing around a Mad Libs book. On a page that involved something to do with clown cars, Adam wrote something such as the car was used to "run over other humans" and when the Mad Libs book was passed over to me, I saw that sentence he wrote and I remember looking at that sentence and was really intrigued on how morbid that sounded; "killing other humans." 

Like you're referring to people you're killing as "humans" almost as if you're not a human yourself. It came off really barbaric and interesting so since that day it kind of stuck. When we came up with the band name I scanned my mind for terms or phrases that sounded insanely violent and of course that memory floated up in my head. We play ridiculously brutal music and I really wanted to represent our name with something that involved giving off that same effect; to kill other people but make it seem like people are just "humans" to you. It's like killing cattle or deer, they're just cattle or deer to some people and because humans are not cattle or deer, some people kill them without remorse and can't emphasize what they're doing. 

So that's the same equivalent to killing people as "humans", they're just humans and as a result, a murderer that sees them as just "humans" has no remorse or pity for the act of murdering other humans. So thus the name "Decimated Humans" came out of that. The true root of the idea of the band name really roots to my friend Adam way back then I guess (laughs). I really felt like it was a perfect name for this band.

PSAB: You're an Internet band. Why did you choose this route for a band instead of the traditional one?

DH: Well I didn't choose it, it just kind of came up. I was already involved in a couple other Internet projects before this honestly. I think one of the biggest reasons behind me scoping out to the Internet to create music is because no one around here is into stuff this heavy. I was in a few bands around the area such as how I was in metalcore band around here 2 years ago and we played in a couple shows and I was in a death/thrash band after that, but I never had a sense of fulfillment being in either of those bands and both of them ended up breaking up really quickly. 

Doing an internet band finally gathered the people I needed who have a love for this same style of music to just write and create it. I know someday I will start a live band again. I've even considered taking some DH songs to the stage a couple times, just need to find the right people to do this with.

PSAB: If you could tour the country with any three bands, which bands would those be?

DH: I wanna say Suicide Silence, Kraanium and Aegaeon. I've been a fan of these three bands for quite some time now. Not to mention, I love when slam and deathcore tour and play shows together. 

PSAB: You released your new album To Provoke Genocide back on the 8th of this month. Has the album been received well by your fans?

DH: The response was absolutely crazy. I am so glad people listened to it and gave us such an amazing response.

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of creating music?

DH: I'm a bit of a nerd, I study all sorts of stuff such as culture outside in different countries. I also collect retro video games such as Super NES, N64 and GameCube games. That's pretty much how I spend my time on the Internet. I also go to school and I'm currently working towards my Bachelor of Science degree.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

DH: Yeah, wanna give a thanks to everyone who supported us from the start. My parents, my friends, Cerebral Incubation, Parasitic Ejaculation, Phalloplasty, My Shadow Haunts Me, Party Cannon, Ferry Wolters, Tomm Swasthik and also Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for having me for this interview. I apologize if I forgot anyone else.

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