Friday, September 19, 2014

Interview with Virulent!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Phoenix, AZ

PSAB: Where does the band name "Virulent" come from?

Virulent: The band name Virulent was spawned by Guitarist Matt Nisbet to describe the sound. Bitterly, hostile, and highly infectious. It was fitting to what sound we were shooting for.

PSAB: Your album "Empire" is coming out on the 27th of this month. Are you excited for this release?

Virulent: That is correct, Sept. 27th is the release date for "Empire". We are very excited to share our new record with everyone..

PSAB: If you had the choice to tour another country with three other bands. Which country would that be and which three bands would you choose?

Virulent: We hear Germany or Sweden is really big on metal. So possibly either one of those two countries. As for bands to tour with we would have to say, Acacia Strain, Lamb of God, and Emmure would be our top 3.

PSAB: How's the local scene in Phoenix, AZ?

Virulent: The local scene on Phoenix is absolutely amazing. There is a lot of great talents here. Everyone is really friendly. We all like to support each others shows and hang out drinking beer. Its a very supportive scene in Phoenix.

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of the band and creating music?

Virulent: Hot rods, video games, music gear and drinking beer.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

Virulent: We would have to give shouts out to our record label, Sullen Musik. Our sponsors, Impact Studio's, Sullen Artist Collective, Big Time Threads, Bestin Case Road Cases, and to everyone who has shown us support and love. Huge "Thanks" to all.  

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