Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interview with Depths of Hatred!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Montreal

PSAB: Why did you choose the name "Depths of Hatred" for your band? 

: We were toying around with a few names and just wanted something that sounded good I guess. Few names came to mind before this one stuck with us, we felt it represented our lyrical themes well enough too. 

PSAB: Your new album Hellborn is scheduled to release on Oct 17, just in a few weeks. Will this album differ from your previous album Aversionist? If so, in which way will it? 

: Yeah, definitely. We've all improved as musicians individually and all had things we knew we wanted to work on after the previous record. The album is way less all over the place than Aversionist was, and it's definitely darker. A lot more riffing haha. Vocal technique is completely different too, pretty big change as far as sound goes. 

PSAB: Hellborn has some standard pre-order bundles; t-shirts, posters, CD, etc. Were there any crazy pre-order bundles you would have liked of done but couldn't? 

: Knowing we were doing all of this ourselves we didn't really think about it to be honest, our main goal was to get the music out to the fans. DOH beer though, that'd be rad haha. 

PSAB: If you could do a split album with any one band, which band would that be and why? 

: Damn, just one? I'd have to go with The Black Dahlia Murder, all around sick band/big influence. 

PSAB: What is your metal scene like in Montreal, Canada? 

: Montreal itself isn't so bad, you've got so many big tours passing through here that it's harder to draw than in smaller cities sometimes. We always have a blast playing here, but I see so many similar size bands from out of town having a hard time getting decent shows here. There used to be a lot more metal bands, also. I guess it kind of all goes together. 

PSAB: What are your plans once the new album release? Tour? Record more music? Soak in the positive feedback you'll receive? 

: So far we've been playing a few shows, have a few more lined up. The goal is to tour as much as possible, but we'll have to wait and see for that! Hopefully this album gets us on the road some more! 

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to the readers and your fans? 

: Huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered/bought the album so far, shared a video or even just dropped a comment. We're so grateful for the positive feedback we've been getting so far, hopefully we'll see all of you on the road soon!

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