Monday, November 17, 2014

Interview with Fires Of Vermilion!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Alliance, OH

PSAB: Where does the band name "Fires of Vermilion" come from?

FOV: Band name? The color of the feathers of the Vermilion bird in Chinese Culture, relative to the Phoenix means eternal/eternity in the Taoist belief. We started as remnants; ashes, rebirthed and built something out of nothing. This band formed from the remains of two bands. We were all friends and had played together before so when our bands ended we decided to form something new from what many saw as nothing.

PSAB: You're currently working on your debut album. How's that going and when can your fans expect to hear the album?

FOV: For our upcoming EP we have 5 solid songs that we all love and that are all diverse from one another. I think that's the main goal when we write: keep a signature sound but keep the structure of each song different than the previous song we wrote.

PSAB: If you had the choice to have a musician featured on one of your tracks. Which musician would that be and why?

FOV: As for a feature on our EP? We have so many people that we each would love to have from Kyle Birhle of Sirens and Sailors to Levi Benton of Miss May I to Dennis Tvrdik of Affiance. We all have such different tastes in music which also plays into our song writing.

PSAB: What's the metal scene like in Alliance, OH?

FOV: If I'm being honest, the metal scene in alliance is kinda lacking right now. We used to have great bands such as Skies of Crimson, OneHitKill, and They Promised Escape to support the metal scene. All of those bands have since broken up or parted ways due to life changes or musical differences. If we were to set the clock back three or four years, I would say the metal scene was great in alliance. But there are a few bands coming up and we hope we can get the scene going again. 

PSAB: What are three bands that play the most influence on your music?

FOV: The three bands that play the most influence on our music is nearly impossible to answer. Because like I said we have such a diverse musical taste throughout the band. For Aaron our vocalist Linkin Park, Chelsea Grin, and I See Stars
For Austin our Drummer The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I and Beartooth
For Brook our guitarist Outline in Color, Affiance, and Mula Relocate
For Colton our Keyboardist Beartooth, Of Mice and Men, and Miss May I
And for myself (Zach) Sirens and Sailors,  Chelsea Grin, and Slipknot. 

PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

FOV: Shout out to Nathan Staab from Addict Entertainment for never giving up on us and giving us great opportunities down the road, our friends/family/parents for believing in us and our dream to play music, Vibe Studios for our upcoming debut ep, and theses bands: All the bands I listed as our favorites and every single band that we have had the opportunity to share the stage with and of course the fans that come to the shows and have no clue who we are that stick around to check us out. That means the most to us is meeting new people and making new friends. 

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