Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Music Released Over Halloween Weekend!

There have been many releases over the course of Halloween weekend, and while I was unable to get to posting them over the course of Halloween and Saturday, I am going to make sure I'll cover them now! I will do them in order from Friday and today.


First up is former A Hitman Business's band, Withering, with their new song "K-Word Yourself." You can listen to it here (YouTube).

Next is groove metal band, A Stranger To Remorse with the release of their new EP "Rapeface." Check it out here (YouTube).

Next up is down tempo deathcore act Purge with their new song "Expurgate" from their upcoming new album In Expurgate, set to release Nov. 17, 2014. Check out the single here (YouTube).

Hardcore/metalcore band Moorhaven released a new music video for their song "As I Am (You Will Be)" from their EP Ocean City, which released back in January of 2014. You can check out the music video here (YouTube).

Last new song that dropped on Halloween is brutal death metal act Necroptic Engorgement's new single "Blowtorch Castration." This was released with a music video as well, and you can watch it here (YouTube).


As far as I could tell, only one new song dropped on Saturday, which is deathcore band The Dialectic with their song "Follow Me To Hell" taken from their upcoming self-titled album. You can listen to the new song here (YouTube).


First up for today is AngelMaker with the release of a pre-production teaser of their upcoming new album. You can check out the teaser here (YouTube), and help fund the album here (Indiegogo).

Following AngelMaker is progressive metal band Unprocessed with their new song, and live video, titled "Law of Privilege." Watch and listen here (YouTube).

Next up is death metal band The Widow Machine with their debut song called "Human" that features Luke Griffin of Acrania. It was released as a lyric video. View and listen here (YouTube).

Last but least is metalcore/deathcore band Death Can't Take Us All with their new song "Wrong." You can listen to it here (YouTube).

And that wraps up Halloween weekend for new music! I probably missed some releases, so I apologize to those I missed. Anyway, check out all this awesome music now!

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