Monday, November 3, 2014

Interview with Ghosts Of My Friends!

Genre(s): Hardcore/Metalcore
Location: Denver, CO

PSAB: Where does the the name "Ghosts Of My Friends" come from? 

: Our guitarist Rory found a book that that people made with these interesting looking designs in it, we later found out that these designs were peoples signatures written with a calligraphy pen and folded down the center of the signature creating a skeleton like image, each an every signature has unique characteristics like the person who signed it, the name of the book was called Ghosts Of My Friends and we decided to use the name because it had a pretty cool history to it that people may be interested in. 

PSAB: How has the feedback for your debut EP What Animals We've Become? 

: People seem to be liking it, we've gotten a lot of new followers since the release and our friends and previous followers have been anticipating the release for some time so we are glad to be able to share our creativity with everyone. 

PSAB: If you had the chance to tour any country which country would that be? 

: I personally (Dan) would like to your Australia because it is simply beautiful there, as a unit we would just love to tour everywhere possible, we would like to travel to parts of the world that are less fortunate to lend a helping hand even if it is a small impact. 

PSAB: What is the metal scene like in your area? 

: We have a booming metal scene here in Denver Colorado, I've never seen so much raw passion and talent in one place! It truly is a family...a brotherhood, every band pushes each other to go further and do better and the fan unity is incredible, there are a lot of amazing times in our scene. 

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of creating music and playing in the band? 

: We all love to hang out with close friends, be outdoors and just enjoy life, going and seeing other performers learning from experiences, and fooseball 

PSAB: Any shout outs to give? 

: We would like to thank all of our fellow musicians for filling us with so much inspiration, our following so we don't have to play empty shows, the production companies that keep bands playing night after night, Blacklisted Entertainment for making our EP sound so tough, and and we would like to thank Pigsquealsandbreakdowns for this opportunity.  Without everyone, none of this would be possible or worth anything, thank you.

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