Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Music From The Past Three Days!

Several new songs came out over the past three days, and before we Americans head into Thanksgiving tomorrow, you should check out these killer new songs now!

Sunday Releases
Two new songs dropped on Sunday. One from beatdown/deathcore act, Goliath with their song "Inside My Mind" that features Johnny Plague. Another from Kill The Lycan, a melodic deathcore band, with their song "Awoken."

Monday Releases
The only song that really caught attention on Monday was hardcore band Barrier's song "Preincarnate" taken from their album Eventide. You can pre-order that album here.

Tuesday Releases
Like Monday, only one song that released (as far as I know) on Tuesday. Which was death metal act Ophidian I's new song "Whence They Came."

Wednesday Releases
Two things were released today; one was The Lacy of Lucy's new song "A Diminished Transcendence" from their upcoming new EP Exalted Compositions. The second is The Black Dahlia Murder with their trailer for their upcoming new EP Grind 'Em All. You can pre-order that EP on 7'' here.

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