Friday, December 12, 2014

Interview with Cyhyraeth!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Dallas, TX

PSAB: What does the band name "Cyhyraeth" mean and come from?

Cyhyraeth: The name Cyhyraeth came from our old drummer Skyler Hardy who had this encyclopedia of mythological creatures. This was a few years before Jessica and Alex had moved to Dallas, Tx and were trying to form a project in their hometown of Albuquerque, NM. We had been trying to find the perfect name when Skyler recommended "Cyhyraeth" which we came to learn was the scream of a banshee usually before an epidemic or disaster. The name has stuck with us to this day since it fits us really well seeing as the name is really hard to pronounce and we are really hard to define musically.

PSAB: You have a new album coming out soon, Servant To The Fire. What can we expect from this album? Will be as good as your EP Disgraced?

Cyhyraeth: Our album "Servant To The Fire" is going to be something our current fans, and people who have heard of us wouldn't expect. Almost all of the songs from "Disgraced" are back, but all of them have evolved to the point that they feel like new songs. We have really heavy hard hitting tracks like "Suffocate" "Confliction" and "As The World Burns" but then we also have a lighter melodic side with "Aftermath" and "Awakening" as well as everything in between. For an overall sound our album is really hard to define since each track takes a different direction musically, which gives the album depth and makes it so no two tracks are anywhere near the same. We feel this album is much more powerful than our EP and so far our fans reactions to it have backed this up.

PSAB: If you could tour any country with any band; which country and what band would that be?

Cyhyraeth: Picking one country to tour is hard, obviously we're from the US so if we were to branch out it'd probably have to be Germany. And we'd love to tour with Trivium as they're probably our biggest influence through out the album.

PSAB: How's the metal scene in Dallas, TX?

Cyhyraeth: The metal scene here in Dallas has gotten a lot better in recent years. When we started really playing shows in 2012 there weren't too many venues open in the DFW area. Now one of the major music district's in Dallas known as Deep Ellum has really come back to life. It's kind of amazing to have seen this transformation and we really appreciate local metal promotion companies like Dallas Metal Scene and Torch Entertainment for helping keep the scene alive and well!

PSAB: What are your hobbies outside of the band and music?

Cyhyraeth: Our main hobby outside of the band and music is definitely video games. We're all constantly playing them whether it be handheld or console. In fact that is how most of the band past the time in New York while we were recording our album.

PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

Cyhyraeth: There really are just too many shout outs to give, but here are a few:
Anthony Lopardo, Stephen Murphy, Ray Marte, Torch Idell, Joesph Cabrera, Skyler Hardy, and all of our brothers in bands we constantly support and share the stage with!

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