Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Slice The Cake Announce New Album 'Odyssey To The West'!

Posted yesterday via their Facebook,

"So, we’ve long been mostly silent and short on details for our new album until now. We’ve been taking our time and making sure the cake is cooked to absolute perfection, but now we’re ready to begin unveiling what we feel is our Magnum Opus.

Odyssey to the West is a concept album that combines a more emotionally mature approach to our songwriting with a visceral and poetic lyrical take on biblical allegory and meta-narrative, exploring themes such as archetypes, the nature of narrative itself, universal symbolism, spiritual alchemy and recurrence.

This record has been a labour of love from its inception, we have poured our hearts, souls and minds into this work and we’re incredibly excited for you to hear what we’ve created.

You will be able to listen to Odyssey to the West, in full, on March 1st, 2015.

1. The Exile i. The Razor’s Edge
2. The Exile ii. The City of Destruction
3. Stone and Silver i. The Mountains of Man
4. Stone and Silver ii. The Horned God
5. Stone and Silver iii. The Man of Papyrus Limbs
6. Westward Bound i. The Lantern
7. Westward Bound ii. The Pilgrim’s Progress
8. Castle in the Sky ii. The Tree of Life
9. Unending Waltz
10. From Shell to Shell
11. The Dark Carnival
12. The Man of Ash and Rust i. The Torn Thread
13. The Man of Ash and Rust ii. Nameless, Faceless
14. Destiny’s Fool
15. The Holy Mountain"
I know, I'm a day late, but this album is going to be one of the best, if not the best, album of 2015. Can't fucking wait for this.


  1. Fuckin eh... I'll get a tattoo saying "Slice The Cake" if you pm me a track...Deal? Deal.