Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Music From Today!

So it seems bands indirectly release new music on the same day. Once again, here's another post to cover the new music or music videos that released today (and some from yesterday).

Kardashev, deathcore band, with a new teaser of his new single, titled "IOTA." Listen here.

Deathcore band, Dawning of the Inferno, released their new EP Purification. Listen here.

Hollow My Eyes, a metalcore/deathcore band, dropped a new single "Ghosts." Check it out here.

Suicide At The Attic, a deathcore band, released their new EP 2014 EP. You can listen to it here.

Deathcore act, Pressures, released a new single EP titled Misery Loves Company. You can listen to it fully here.

Hardcore/deathcore band, Shot Done Won, released a new single called "Escape Not In Place." Listen to it here.

Last, but not least. is melodic deathcore band Suffocate With Your Fame with their new music video for their song "Age of Waste." Check it out here.

That wraps it up for today and some from yesterday. Mostly deathcore, so fans of that genre will love this.

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