Monday, February 9, 2015

Interview with Necrosis!

Genre(s): Brutal Death Metal
Location: Bristol, UK
PSAB: How was the feedback for Catatonic Psychosis? Also, when can we expect new music?

Necrosis: Within 6 months of forming the band, we managed to record and self-release the five track EP, Catatonic Psychosis. The feedback we received was very positive, we were given several reviews of 9/10 and also managed to secure a spot in the Top 10 releases of 2013 by United Kingdom Extreme Metal. (
We have written our first album and are currently at the recording stage. The artwork was completed last year and we expect to be releasing it this year. Expect more gore, brutality, slams, blastbeats and brutal vocals. Fans of our first EP should be pleased with our next offering of Brutal Death Metal.
PSAB: If you had the choice to have a musician featured on one of your tracks. Which musician would that be and why?

Necrosis: There are so many talented artists within the genre that it's a very difficult question to answer. If we were to have anyone featured on one of our tracks it would probably be another vocalist. I could list many vocalists who would be suit our style and we would love to work with but to answer the question I would say Frank Mullen (Suffocation) as he is one of the most influencial figures in death metal or even someone like Grimo (Cytotoxin) as his vocal style is very diverse we could benefit from some dynamic pig squealing.
PSAB: You're a newer band, only starting in 2013. What has been the biggest challenge of being a newcomer?

Necrosis: The biggest challenge has been to get our name out there and to build a fan base from nowhere. When we started the band we had few contacts within the scene but we soon began posting CD's and shirts to many different countries across the world. We received some good gig offers in our first year (Supporting Anaal Nathrakh, Unfathomable Ruination and playing Snuff Fest, a day festival with Kraanium headlining to name a few). We also managed to book our first tour with Italian Death Metallers, Logic of Denial and secured our first performance outside the UK at Gothenburg Deathfest in Sweden.
PSAB: Do you have any plans for this new year? Any goals you want to hit?

Necrosis: We are extremely excited for this year. We're supporting the legendary Desecration in our first gig of the year next week in Oxford. Jason has just been announced as Kraanium's new guitarist and will play his first shows with them when we tour the UK together in May. I think we are most looking forward to playing Brutality over Sanity Deathfest in London and Slam Fest in Bristol on this tour as both these line-ups are full of bands we love including Cerebral Effusion, Devangelic and Darkall Slaves. 
Before we tour with Kraanium, we have a short 3 day tour with Scordatura and Atonement. 2015 will be our first time playing in 3 new countries for us, Slovakia at Flesh Party Open Air Fest, Germany at Deathfeast Open Air and in Austria at Rape the Escape Festival. We are currently booking another 3 tours for this year and these will be announced as soon as all the dates have been booked. This year looks set to be our most productive yet with the release of our album, 5 tours and 3 festival appearances already being planned. We hope that some more opportunities will be available to us and we will be able to spread the brutality to new places we haven't played before.
PSAB: Any shout outs to give?

Necrosis: There are so many people we need to thank. This will be covered in depth in the album booklet. But for now we wish to shout out to Kraanium, the Gothenburg Deathfest crew, every UK promoter who has booked us for a show and everyone who's bought some merch from us or simply enjoys our music, oh and Danowar.

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