Friday, February 6, 2015

Interview with Armored From Beyond!

Genre(s): Death Metal
Location: Esteli, Nicaragua

PSAB: Where does the band name "Armored From Beyond" come from?

AFB: Armored From Beyond  means in our language "Blindados Del Mas Alla". That phrase means that we are shielded against all the negative of this world, trying to change some minimal in this society through  our lyrics and messages. And an idea of the name comes from the founders of the band; we are armored against the critical of the society for our lifestyle.

PSAB: When can we expect new music from you?

AFB: Thats Right! Of Course, two weeks ago we stared recording our new album, contain 10 tracks or more, and we have two song recorded now, all brand new songs!

PSAB: If you had the choice to have a musician featured on one of your tracks. Which musician would that be and why?

AFB: Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel or Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, Both are Excelent vocalists and their bands are great influences of us, i dare to say they are the bost on their styles. And would be great a Guitarist like Michael Keene Of The Facelees a Guitar solo performance would be amazing he is a great musician!

PSAB: What is the metal scene like in Esteli, Nicaragua?

AFB: Growing up everyday, we have bands of a various genres, some with long career and other with short career, but the extreme metal is in emphasis now. And we are in! Try to be better and give the best of us to our scene.

PSAB: What are three bands that play the most influence on your music?

AFB: Death! They are Legends Specially Chuck Schuldiner, if he hadn't revolutionized the music maybe we would not be in our genre, The Black Dahlia Murder, A great influence for us, the sound of AFB is based in TBDM style and Sound, and finaly but not less important Whitechapel, they are the number one influence in Deathcore, our genre, we make covers of this band and when we do it we feel a great emotion and euphoria.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs to give to your fans, and the readers out there?

AFB: Thanks for the special support to all our followers and fans, we would be nothing without all of you, thanks to all the media support and pages like Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for the interview and take time for the bands and their material, wait a couple moths for  the New Album of Armored From Beyond! New Songs, new sounds and new videos, Keep in the Mosh Pit!

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  1. Great band! i ever noticed about a nicaraguan band ever, but this guys kick ass