Friday, March 21, 2014

Volumes' new album cover and release of new album unofficially releases

This is currently still a rumor and it has not been confirmed by the band or their label; however, is it believed that this is the new album cover for Volumes' upcoming new album. Also, the title of the new album (also rumor) is No Sleep. Even though this is unofficial, it is nice to see some news about Volumes' new music, because they have been pretty quiet about it since the release of their song "Vahle."

It is also rumored the release date of this album will be June 17, 2014. If true, this is upsetting as a Volumes fan, because the band has changed the release date of their album over the course of six months twice thus far. Originally it was to release late Winter in 2014, but it was changed mid-Winter to late Spring in 2014. If the release date is actually true, on the positive side, I am glad to know there is an actual, official, release date.

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  1. on their radio interview with suicide girls, they said they were thinking of releasing the album info in a unique way. i think this is what they had in mind. it is likely official!