Friday, March 21, 2014

Sworn Out, a Sworn In parody band, releases its debut song "Suicide Roulette"

Sworn Out earlier today released their debut song "Suicide Roulette." Sworn Out is a parody band based off the hardcore band Sworn In. Sworn Out consists of two members; John of Xehanort and Brandon of Grim. The former does the low screams, high screams, and mixing, the latter does the mid screams. When you think a parody band, you think comedic or poking fun; however, Sworn Out provides a real, non-comedic, song that sounds pretty good. If you're into Sworn In's music, you will enjoy this (obviously).


  1. They are clearly copycats with no original music talent.

  2. i AGREE WITH You ANONYMOUS A HUNDRED PERCENT !!!!!! Sworn in is fucking epic and sworn out needs to find their own sound and own god damn style!