Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Something I Forgot To Cover: New Information On Pathology's New Album

Like the title states, I completely missed this piece of information when the band released on their Facebook page on May 21. This may be due to me being forgetful, or simply because Facebook's didn't show me the post. Anyway! Pathology announced on May 21, 2014 that their new album is titled Throne of Reign is set to release August 5, 2014. As a fan who helped support this album's making through Kickstarter, it's awesome to see it release so soon after the Kickstarter ended. Enough rambling; here's the official statement made by the band on Facebook,

"Pathology Unveil New Album Cover Artwork

Brutal death metal masters Pathology have unveiled the artwork and album title of their upcoming eighth full-length album. Throne Of Reign will be released August 5th 2014. The album will be released through the bands own record label Pathology Music. The cover art is brought to you once again by the mighty Par Olofsson. Throne Of Reign is hands down the best stuff we have written, explains drummer Dave Astor. We have spent the last several months fine-tuning everything to make this the best Pathology to date. Look for pre-orders and song previews soon at www.PathologyMusic.com"

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