Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Volumes' Continues To Tease Their Fans

Progressive metal band, Volumes' has been teasing their fans for quite some time with their upcoming album No Sleep. With the band continually posting photos, pushing the album's release date back, and overall not providing much of anything with music to their fans (with the exception of the album teaser they released last month). Anyway, the band released the photo above yesterday, I'm assuming that's the title of the next single they'll release.
However, though I am a bit salty with the no new single or an official release date. I find myself on the side that their record label Mediaskare Records, is probably to blame. Fans have seen it countless times that a record label holds back an albums release, or makes it so it actually never comes out. But, at the end of today, this can simply be only my opinion on the manner. 

Edit: As of this writing, Volumes' announced a new song ("The Mixture") and preorders for No Sleep will release tomorrow at 4:20 (EST).

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