Thursday, August 21, 2014

Interview with Allies To The Adversary!

Genre(s): Deathcore
Location: Toronto, Ontario

PSAB: Where does the band name "Allies To The Adversary" come from?

ATTA: Our name actually came to us randomly one day. We were a band under a different name before, but didn't think it worked, so decided to change it up. The name Allies to the Adversary is basically like "Friends with the Enemy", and to us, it seemed like a cool name. There's no real story behind why we picked it.

PSAB: You received positive feedback for your self-titled EP. When, and what, can we expect from your new album?

ATTA: We've just finished writing our new album, and we're about half way done recording it. It should be finished being recorded by September, and then mixing and mastering. We're aiming for early 2015 for a release date, but nothing is set in stone yet. As for the sound, it's something completely different than Self Titled. Much, much more dynamic and fun to listen to! We put a lot of work into this album, and are confident everybody will like it much more. 8 tracks, about 35 minutes long, and some very unexpected stuff. We also have a cool guest vocal appearance from a good friend, but that's a secret. New single coming soon!

PSAB: You're currently unsigned, if you could be signed to any record label, which label would that be and why?
ATTA: Being unsigned right now is actually, in our opinion, much better for us. If we were to build a larger fanbase and be able to go out on a tour, then a record label would be great. We haven't really put any thought into any, but any label that is fair, helps us out, and aren't assholes to deal with would be great!

PSAB: How is the metal scene in Toronto, Ontario?

ATTA: In all honesty, it's quite disappointing. There's some real talent here that goes without being noticed, but there's also a lot of bands trying to sound like bigger bands in the scene just to get big. There's no heart put into the music, just rip-off's of big bands. We've played with some amazing bands though, that's for sure.

PSAB: What has played the most influence on your music? This can be non-metal related.

ATTA: We don't really look to other music for influence, most of our influence comes from ourselves, what we're feeling at the time, and what we come up with when in the studio when we're doing pre-production. 6/8 of the songs were written when we were in there, only 2 were pre written, one of them being the single we released "Brickyard", so there wasn't much influence, it was more "Go with the flow".

PSAB: Have any shout outs to give to your fans?

ATTA: To everyone who bought a physical, or digital download of our EP, we owe everything to. That supported us greatly, and we're thankful for that, so thank you. Even if you didn't buy it, but listen to us, that's enough for us. We love our fans, and seeing people actually react to our music positively is great. All the support we've got since this band started is insane! So really, huge shout out to anybody and everybody who supports our dream!

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