Thursday, August 28, 2014

Interview with Enemies Deceased!

Genre(s): Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Grind
Location: Blackwood, NJ

PSAB: Why did you choose the name "Enemies Deceased" for your band? 

ED: We wanted something that was different, that stood out, showed domination, and fit well with what we write, lyrically and musically.
PSAB: You're currently working on new music. When can we expect to hear this new music? 

ED: We're currently in the studio, recording our newer tracks, as well as finishing a brand new song, which should all be released by mid-September.

PSAB: If you were able to bring back one deceased musician to be featured on one of your songs, which musician would that be? 

ED: I can only speak for myself on this one, but I would personally love to bring back either Dimebag Darrell, or Jeff Hanneman. Being a drummer and having that opportunity to work with either of them, would have been an iconic milestone.

PSAB: What is the metal scene like in Blackwood, NJ? 

ED: The metal scene in South Jersey/Philadelphia alone is just a pure, power house. So many bands that are not only talented but, just have incredible music. Its truly an honor to not only share the stage with this scene, but to be friends with most of them as well.

PSAB: What kind of music do you listen to outside of your band? Does that music play an influence on your band's music? 

ED: We all listen to a variety of music outside of our own. I personally love listening to and watching any band that has a solid drummer... seeing certain techniques and patterns has definitely helped me with the writing process in this band. Our vocalist listens to practically every genre invented, he's always bringing good ideas to the table. 

Our guitarist is the backbone of writing... he is always thinking of new riffs/ideas and emailing us. And our bassist will learn a new song, and then just start adding and changing stuff to add his flavor to it, so at the end, when it all comes together, it's just a pure punch in the face, that gets people moving.

PSAB: Have any shout outs to give? 

ED: I'd like to shout out Spaun Drums, Scymtek Cymbals, East Coast Villain Clothing... our families, and friends, both in and out of the local scene. (Bands and Promoters) 

All questions answered by Jh Payne, drummer of Enemies Deceased

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