Friday, October 10, 2014

Interview with Eminent Terror!

Genre(s): Technical Death Metal
Location: Rollinsville, CO
PSAB: Where does the band name "Eminent Terror" come from exactly?

ET: I believe that back in 2009, Joe Chapman (the first vocalist) and I were jamming out on my brand new Gretsch Catalina Ash drum set when the idea to form a band came to mind. We invited over Jake Games because he was the only one we knew who could play metal guitar in Nederland. We were some pretty uncreative 15-year-olds and resorted to using the "Random Metal Band Name Generator". None of the combinations really meshed with what we wanted, but the words "eminent" and "terror"  came up a lot. You can probably guess how we came to our name. 

Funnily enough, we originally thought that eminent was the same thing as imminent. But soon realized our mistake and realized that the concept of a overly-looming entity of terror was much cooler than what was essentially and synonym for Impending Doom.  

PSAB: You self released your recent album The Illusion of Choice back in April. How was releasing it in DIY-fashion, and how was it received amongst your fans?

ET: It was a little stressful trying to get everything together by a certain date. But we managed to pull it off and release on 4/20 like we planned. We had hoped to have physical copies on that day, but we sadly did not. Fortunately, we are having CDs made now via Brian of Pagan Pride Records. The feedback from the album was much better than I ever could have imagined. Lots of big-name Facebook pages shared our single, "Mobius Dick", and gave it high praise.  
PSAB: If you could do a split album with one other band, which band would that be and why?

ET: It would probably be with Duckling Fantasy. We love those guys. Seriously. We ALL have AIDS now. Anyway, Duckling was the first band we ever went on tour with. They're easily the band I've seen live the most times (at least 10) and they get better every time.  

: You were an instrumental band for some time but turned to a traditional band. Why the change?

ET: We had a vocalist originally. But we parted ways because of artistic and political differences that couldn't be negotiated. After that we were an instrumental band simply because we didn't know any other viable vocalists. None of us were particularly great at growling or writing lyrics so we said "fuck it" and decided to focus on our musicianship. This is definitely when our respective talents started becoming more apparent. Songs were now more than just random recordings of drums tracks with guitars and vocals thrown on top. They were actually being orchestrated and were far more complex and demanding than previous ET songs. 

But after a while we realized that the only way we could've been taken seriously in the colorado metal scene is if we had a frontman. This was about a year or so into being an instrumental band and by this time we did know one vocalist, Austin Krahl. He was in another local band at the time, Shrapnel Reign, which a thrash/death metal that also had our current guitarist, John Hamerly, playing for them. We realized that the only way our music could've been better was to have vocals, so we hit him up and have been a traditional band ever since.  

: How's the metal scene in Nederland, CO?

ET: It's pretty dismal. Now that Jake moved to Denver, I (Moose) am pretty much the only metal head I see around Ned. It's fine though, Ned is more of a hippy town anyway. I know that one of the members of Skeleton of God lives around the Nederland area, definitely would like to give SoG a shout out. Though Denver's metal scene is massive with so many incredible local acts.  

: Any shout outs to give?

ET: Hell yeah! Shout outs go to: Silvermountains Photography, DENVER HEAVY METAL SOCIETY, Bruce Carpenter, Swinging Noose Productions, Foothills Gutfest, Gutter Rat, Blood Fueled Machine, Eye of Minerva, Duckling Fantasy, Don Evans, Morbid Asphyxiation, The Xiphoid Process, Evisceration, Vimana, Dinosorcerer, Dark Apostle, and Solstice.

Questions answered by Josh, the drummer of the band.

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