Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interview with Windy City Slaughter!

Genre(s): Metalcore
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta

PSAB: Where does the band name "Windy City Slaughter" come from?

WCS: As many know, we're not actually from the Windy City, but we are from a city that happens to be very windy!  We wanted a name that sounded like an event - sort of like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Black Dahlia Murder.  We also wanted to give a throwback to where we're from, but our cities nickname "the Swan City" didn't seem to jive as well, so we went with Windy City.  Some people have said our name sounds like a baseball team or something.  We thought this was hilarious, so we made baseball shirts with a sports-like logo because we do what we fucking want.

PSAB: How has the feedback been for your EP 'Alpha'?

WCS: The feedback for the album has been really strong and encouraging.  We're from a fairly isolated city in Canada, so we haven't really had the chance to tour off of it (we're working on it).  But for the cities that we've played it to and from what we've heard on the internet, people have really been digging it.

PSAB: If you had the choice to have a musician featured on one of your tracks. Which musician would that be and why?

WCS: Oh man, how do you even answer this one?  I think every member of this band could rattle of a long list of people they'd love to work with, and we'd all probably agree to everyone's list.  However, if there was one person, I'd have to say Tim Lambesis.  That might seem like a pretty crass answer given current events, but that guy has always had something to say, and it would be interesting to sit in a room with him and pick his brain about life and musical ideas.

PSAB: Is there on country would you love the tour the most over the other countries?

WCS: Hell, we'd settle for just getting the chance to tour in Canada!  We're not from a big city, and we're fairly far away from regular touring circuits, so it's a bit more difficult for us to make connections and  play in adjacent towns.  For every 50 emails we send out, we might get one reply for a booking.  So, we're slowly building our network and will be getting around eventually!

PSAB: What plays the most influence on your music? This can be non-music related.

WCS: Besides hardcore drugs and really slutty chicks, there's nothing outside the box that really influences us.  Carbomb and I (Kevin) wrote the lyrics for this EP, and there's no unifying theme to them.  They mostly have to do with what is going on in our lives and how we see the world around us.  We slap some metaphors on there and away we go!  As for the music itself, we're interested in a diverse range of artists.  When it comes down to writing, we play off and influence each other.

PSAB: Do you have any shout outs?

WCS: Shout outs to you guys for helping support us; to all the people who come and get nuts at our shows; and especially to anyone that has bought our album, despite us offering it for free.

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